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**Divider tabs are included with journal, however, you can choose to have them applied for you with your purchase. Standard purchase will give you directions on how to apply tabs yourself. 


The Belong Journal was created to help women build a history with God. Before we belong to anyone else, we belong to Him. These 200 pages resemble a bullet-journal style scripture and prayer journal. The journal is divided into different sections that help you be more intentional in your prayers and scripture reading. The sections include:

-Scripture Study
-Renew Your Mind
-Give Thanks
-Heart Cry


Each section begins with tips on how to use each one as well as helpful content to help you feel unintimidated about spending time with Jesus.


About First Love:
First Love is the fulfillment of a dream to connect women to Christ and to one another. Our desire is that women would be able to personally experience the love and beauty of Christ. In a culture where performance, fear, and self-centeredness run rampant, we believe that the only way to true freedom is through the infinite work of Christ. As we choose to pursue knowing Him, rather than simply knowing about Him or doing things in His name, we will become truly alive.

Belong Quiet Time Journal

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