I love this month’s theme - “Quenched.” My mind immediately goes to the idea of drinking a sufficient amount of water. Something I struggle with. I have no problem getting my daily intake of iced tea and pop. (Soda or coke for you non-locals.) They taste good. Put them in a glass with ice and a straw, and I have my special drink. Even cleaning the kitchen seems better when I have my special drink nearby. Too bad they don’t satiate my body’s needs, and they make my pants feel tight.

I wish I could tell you the only dehydration I’ve struggled with has been physical thirst. It hasn’t. We all carry an inner thirst that only God can satisfy. I became a believer at a young age, but somewhere along the way I forgot this simple truth. I used food as a drug, sleep as an escape, and relationships as security to quench my heart’s thirst. And, like iced tea and pop, the fix was only temporary and nothing ever got better.

I hesitated in mentioning this to you, because this seems like such an elementary Christian principle. We need God to satisfy us and fill all those holes deep down. (Why do I forget that so often?!!) I didn’t want to bore you with something you probably already knew but then…

The other day I found myself with a dull headache due to too many hours in the summertime heat with too little water. I spent the rest of the day forcing down water, trying to regain hydration and a better attitude. Lesson learned! Or so I thought,… The NEXT day I did nearly the exact same thing. This girl needs to be told more than once. So if you are like me, I’m gonna mention this again, even if you have heard it numerous times before:

If your heart aches and you have a deep inner thirst, Jesus is the One who will quench it.

Jesus said: “Let anyone who is thirsty come to me and drink. Whoever believes in me, as Scripture has said, rivers of living water will flow from within them.” John 7:37b-38

Are you thirsty, Friend?

Heavenly Father,

We thank-you that You know us thoroughly and the cries of our heart. You see our needs and thirsts. Show us any areas we have been trying to quench in the wrong way. Jesus, help us turn to You daily. Fill us with Your living water. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

  Reaching for water and Jesus,


P.S. He drenches us in abundance - because of Him rivers flow from inside of us. Flow, Sister!

When Joelle asked me to write a little about myself there was one thing that kept coming to mind – I’m normal. I’m a normal woman just like you. I’ve experienced hard things and successes. I’ve made decisions I wish I could change. I’ve struggled with eating disorders, shame (loads of it), depression, insecurity, a miscarriage, and bad fashion choices. I could easily be found in your circle of friends or maybe it’s you that I’d identify with.

Here’s the thing, God has become my place of freedom. He’s released me from shame. He’s showing me who He created me to be.He is helping me walk in joy and shake off a troubled heart. God is growing my relationship with Him, teaching me to hear His voice, and developing a trust in Him. Like I said, I’m a normal woman. (What?!! These things aren’t just for the special, hyper-spiritual people?) My Friend, I want you to know that freedom, joy, fulfillment, and an amazing relationship with God are for normal women.

My heart is to encourage the everyday woman in her relationship with God. He wants to hang out with you, love on you, and talk to you about stuff. (And not just important stuff. I talk to Him about what to make for supper. Apparently, I struggle choosing between frozen pizza, boxed mac-n-cheese, and tacos. How did you guess I have kids? Two of them and a wonderful husband.)

I would love to grow in Christ alongside you and do life together: the ups and downs, the ugly cry, the I-think-I-peed-my-pants laugh, and everything in between.

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