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Devotional Guide

Take a break from all your efforts that feel like they aren't getting you where you want to be and encounter Jesus. 

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This six-day guide will guide you through Scripture in an intentional way so that you are empowered to:

1) hear God speaking directly to YOU through what you are reading and
2) take ownership of the passage in a way that transforms your heart and actions.


We want to support the Holy Spirit's revealing the Scriptures to you personally. You will find that all content is centered around what God is telling YOU in the passage rather than what God is telling US about the passage. 

Learn what it means to thrive!

First Love is the fulfillment of a dream to connect women to Christ and to one another. Our desire is that women would be able to personally experience the love and beauty of Christ. In a culture where performance, fear and self-centeredness run rampant, we believe that the only way to true freedom is through the infinite work of Christ. As we choose to pursue knowing Him, rather than simply knowing about Him or doing things in His name, we will become truly alive.

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