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Armor of God Devotional Guide

Amror of God devotional_how to stop getting beaten up by the enemy_First Lovw Discipleship for women

Tired of being beaten up by the enemy? It's time to take a stand!


This guide is created to help you hear what God is speaking to you through the passage and for you to take ownership of the passage in a way that transforms your heart and actions.

In this guide, you'll discover:

  • Who your real battle is with

  • Your identity in Christ 

  • What is means to have authority in Christ

First Love is the fulfillment of a dream to connect women to Christ and to one another. Our desire is that women would be able to personally experience the love and beauty of Christ. In a culture where performance, fear and self-centeredness run rampant, we believe that the only way to true freedom is through the infinite work of Christ. As we choose to pursue knowing Him, rather than simply knowing about Him or doing things in His name, we will become truly alive.

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